About ActiveWorlds recent announcements.

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About ActiveWorlds recent announcements.

Hello Everyone!

I would like to make it clear to everyone that uses DeltaWorlds to experience the old ActiveWorlds that we do not support any new versions (8.2) and have no intention of doing so.
I know Chris the head developer of ActiveWorlds has made a post about certain universes or hackers attempting to steal the latest version, I can strongly say with confidence this is not something we do, or are doing or ever will do! Maybe somebody else is, but dont drop us into such a category, you do know an archive of activeworlds property data is stored on archive.org right?
I think the whole announcement is staged to prompt a more iron clad control of the services they provide.

ActiveWorlds has been my home since I was a child, and I would not push for anything that could directly effect Active Worlds, as much as I may be disliked or bullied out by staff, Active Worlds will always be the home I grew up in!
There may be false accusations coming out that we are behind it or we are pushing for it, we are not and have no intentions of doing so! I also ran and owned the public 4.2 universe Piko Island, this version of DW also uses that license file.
If we want to get into the nitty gritty I could declare ActiveWorlds has done an illegal action when our license file was expired because they started demanding universe owners to pay for hosting with AW because universe owners were not allowed to host the product themselves anymore, this is a direct violation of contract which I still have payment invoices for.

Apart from that, I wish you a great new year and I hope you enjoy being with us!

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